One-On-Ones Should Be About The Direct Report

Certain times of the year can be stressful for direct reports (i.e. holidays, back to school). Direct reports may have family members coming to visit, or they may be traveling out of town. College students may be re-entering the home.  Parties may be hosted, homes decorated, and baking prepared.

The very things that may bring one direct report happiness and excitement may bring another stress or depression.  One-on-ones are designed to be about the employee and their success.  Leaders simply asking about what the direct report has planned for the weekend may give them an idea if their direct reports are anticipating the time with trepidation or excitement.  That knowledge may play heavily into their delegation plans, milestones on projects, or resources deployed for projects at hand.

Leaders should empower their employees by delegating and supporting their workload based on all of their commitments.

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