Google Candidates As Part Of The Selection Process

Several years ago there was a report of a highly recruited law school graduate who was offered and accepted a job with a prestigious law firm.  Prior to bringing the new hire onboard, the law firm searched the Internet on the new hire and found several compromising photos from her recent spring break.  The law firm rescinded their job offer claiming the photos if/when viewed by their clients would compromise the firm and damage their reputation.

The fact is in today’s internet world, most people are researched online by their associates, customers, and prospects.  It is common practice to view someone’s LinkedIn profile and Facebook page before meeting them and managers should expect their customers are doing the same with their team.  Selection screeners must review the online profiles of candidates with the same scrutiny as a resume to prevent an embarrassing situation after the hire. 

Leaders who empower their team to add an online screen to the selection process have more successful hires.

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