Think Tactically and Strategically When Developing Job Definitions

The left and right hemispheres of our brain provide different functions.  Our left brain focuses on tactical or analytical activities while our right brain is used for strategic or creative activities.  We function best when we focus our attention on one of the brain specialties at a time.  In fact, many leaders structure their meetings so as to deal with tactical and strategic thinking in different sessions; however, there are times when employing both aspects are critical to the success of a given effort.

When developing a direct report’s job definition, whether using an accountability matrix or job description, leaders should use both tactical and strategic thinking.  The tactical components of a job definition include the specific required activities and the way in which they are performed.  The strategic aspects of a job are the success factors and priorities as they relate to the organization’s strategic direction and initiatives.

Leaders who challenge themselves and empower their direct reports to include both tactical and strategic components in their job definitions experience more short-term and long-term success.

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