Act Now For Your First Quarter Hires

The first week in January has historically been considered the best time to post recruiting advertisements if they are ever likely to attract somewhat passive candidates.  The idea is there are a lot of people who make the New Year’s resolution to improve their lot in life, work for a better boss, or find an organization whose culture matches their core values.

These people begin to look online or in print right after New Years – perhaps even before they have updated their resume.

Of course, not much actual hiring gets done in December because people are waiting for, or perhaps hoping for, a holiday bonus and don’t want to leave until that’s in the bank.  That makes December the perfect month to prepare for hiring in January or February.

If you anticipate the possibility of hiring in the first quarter of the year, prepare now!  Get some clarity around the needs in the open position and what the ideal candidate looks like so you are ready to post the position on January 1st or 2nd.  Creating clarity around the role now also allows you and your team to spread the word during holiday gatherings for the best type of sourcing: referrals.

Empower your direct reports to build a superstar team by encouraging them to spend time now in defining their future hiring needs.

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