Establish Success Factors For Your Direct Reports

Success: (noun) the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, – The New Oxford American Dictionary

How do we know success when we see it?  In athletics we look at the scoreboard or standings.  In school we look at the report card.  Businesses use the balance sheet or income statement to determine success.  The pursuit of success inspires hard work, sacrifice, and a commitment to improve.  How do your direct reports measure success?

We suggest using a job accountability matrix to define a job’s accountabilities and corresponding success factors.  Without measurable success factors, how do your direct reports know if they have accomplished their aim or purpose?  How can they be driven to work hard, sacrifice, and improve, if they don’t have a means by which to determine their successes?

Some common success factors are:

  • Zero voluntary turnover of ‘A’ players
  • Continued reduction of processing errors
  • Attend meetings on-time, prepared, and contribute
  • On-going increase in add-on sales
  • Weekly status reports submitted on-time and accurate
  • Positive (lack of negative) customer feedback

Empower you direct reports by establishing and updating success factors, and the accomplishments will soon follow.

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