Lessen The Impact Health Care Reform Will Have On Your Employees

In all likelihood your employees will be impacted in some way in the next year by all the new health care reforms being rolled out.  Your employees may be surprised their take home pay will be affected.  After feeling the hit, your superstars may be inclined to see how your competitors are handling their employee’s health care and you risk losing them.

It has been proven over and over again employees leave because they are unhappy with their boss or the organization.  Rarely do employees begin looking because of compensation or benefits.  Ultimately, they may leave for a job with better pay but that’s not what caused them to look in the first place.  However, the major changes to health care may prompt the more marketable superstars to look for other opportunities who may not have otherwise considered looking.

The best approach to keeping your stars is by taking care of them now.  High performers seek defined accountabilities, meaningful feedback, development opportunities, and insight to the organization’s goals.  If you don’t have these easy practices in place now, begin implementing them before the impact of the health care laws prompt superstars to consider other opportunities.

Empower your team with healthy leadership practices and you’ll experience more success regardless of health care reform.

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