Hiring Managers Should Recruit Their Own Talent

It wasn’t long ago that most leaders had assistance booking their travel, typing their memos, and printing and copying their reports.  Now, with today’s technology, most leaders book their own travel on-line, type their own memos, and have high-speed laser printers for printing their reports.  It’s time for leaders to use technology to do their own recruiting as well.

Today, just like in the days of having assistants typing memos, most leaders seek assistance recruiting their next hire – typically from HR.  These HR experts, while well intentioned, are working with some handicaps.  They typically don’t know exactly where the industry or profession-specific experts are to be found, and if they find the superstars they typically aren’t given access because they lack the credentials to “enter the fold.”  If they do get access to an industry or professional group (online or in person), the passive candidate superstar wants to talk to the industry expert to understand what might be alluring about the work being done in the department with the vacancy, not the HR person.

College athletic coaches understand this the best.  When they recruit superstars, they personally contact the recruit, meet with them, and pitch them and their family on joining their team.  College coaches do not rely on someone from the admissions office to recruit their talent.  Hiring manages shouldn’t either.

There are many easy to use technological resources for leaders to recruit their own talent.  Aside from the common job boards, industry sites, and LinkedIn are often inexpensive ways for effectively reaching passive job-seeking superstars.

Leaders empowered with the tools to recruit their own talent make more successful hires.

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