Annual Goals Should Have Shorter Sub-Goals

At the beginning of the year organizations set their annual goals and most leaders, in turn, set their team’s annual goals.  Goal setting plans should not stop there.

If performance against goals is to be measured and achieved, each annual goal must have shorter sub-goals.  Leaders and direct reports should set and review these sub-goals regularly – ideally as part of their one-on-one meetings.  The organization’s annual goals should be a primary focus for leaders and each of their direct reports as they review progress weekly.

For example, if the organization’s sales goal is $10 million, a sales person’s weekly sub-goal might be to make 20 calls to prospective customers and set three appointments.  Leaders should not be as concerned with what their direct report’s sub-goals are, but whether or not they lead to accomplishing the organization’s annual goal.  If the monthly or quarterly goals are not being met, it allows leaders to have healthy conversations about what has been done, and what adjustments might be helpful.

Leaders who make sure each of their direct reports clearly understand the organization’s goals, and empower direct reports to set and achieve their sub-goals will experience more success.

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