Share Job Accountabilities With Everyone Associated With The Job

Most job descriptions are tucked away in some HR Manager’s dusty cabinet and at best looked at once year or when the position needs to be filled.  If these documents are used, they are likely seen only by one or two people.

Job accountabilities define what is expected out of a job and should be concisely described on one page.  The accountabilities are used regularly by job-holders and their bosses to measure and track success.  Don’t stop there; share the job accountabilities with all people associated with a job.

Sharing job accountabilities lets everyone know what is AND what is not expected of the job.  Co-workers help keep the job-holder accountable and support them in achieving the success factions. Sharing the accountabilities also minimizes the frustration from others who want more of the job-holder than is included in the job.  You’d be surprised how relieved your direct reports are when everyone knows what is expected of them.  Click here to see an example of a job accountabilities report.

Empower your direct reports to share their job accountabilities and they’ll be more successful.

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