Encourage Your Direct Reports To Develop Mentor/Mentee Programs

Most successful leaders can identify one or two very influential colleagues who early in their career made a big impact on their development and future.  Mentorships, formal and informal, are important to developing successful leaders.

Today, mentorships are taking on dual purposes.  Mentees are still benefitting from the guidance and wisdom of their mentors but mentors are reaping unexpected benefits.  Along with receiving the gratification of helping develop young leaders, mentors are benefitting from the younger colleague’s knowledge of new technologies.  Mentees are showing mentors the ropes on social media, portable computing, and new ways of communicating.  Jack Welch during his last few years as CEO of GE had a young mentee to help him understand new personal technologies.

Empower both your junior and senior direct reports to develop mentor/mentee relationships and you’ll have a more successful organization.

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