Consider Your Direct Report’s Behavior Style When Discussing Health Care Changes

In our life time, there may be no greater workplace uncertainty than what companies are going to do with their health care program.  The laws and options are so complicated, few organizations have a clear path to take and fewer have communicated the reason the organization chose to deal with the new laws to their employees.

Hopefully you are conducting regular feedback sessions (weekly one-on-ones are the best) and it is in these sessions you should be discussing the organization’s thinking and direction on their health care plans.  Keep in mind when discussing this complicated, emotional topic not everyone processes the information in the same way.  Try these approaches:

  • For your hard driving, no nonsense employees, present the information in a straight forward, direct, non-sugarcoated way.
  • For your affable easy-going employees, present the information in a calm personal way, allowing much time for discussion.
  • For your deep thinkers and process orientated employees, explain with why the organization chose the direction it did and how it’s going to impact everyone in the company.
  • For your detail-oriented analytics, present the facts and be prepared when you discuss the plans with them, they will be pressing you for specifics.

Empower yourself with the understanding of how to communicate the details of the health care changes with each of your direct reports, and you’ll experience a more successful implementation of the plan.

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