Support Your Direct Report’s Development

For most of us the start of a new year brings on a renewed commitment to personal development and self-improvement.

Hopefully you have been encouraging your direct reports to continually pursue personal and professional development (this should be covered during each quarterly review).  Based on this encouragement, chances are your direct reports have a 2013 personal and/or professional development goal in mind.

When presented with your direct report’s development goal, your job is to help identify resources, provide encouragement, and hold them accountable (then get out of the way).  Providing resources can be financial (reimbursement for expenses), contacts (people you know who can help), or your experiences (how you developed in a particular area).  You are not responsible for the development, just making sure they have what they need to achieve their goals.

Empower your direct report to develop by assisting with resources, cheering them on, and following up on progress, and you both experience more success.

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