Be Clear About Team Expectations

According to a Harris Interactive study of 23,000 workers, managers and executives:

  •  22% of workers focused on organizational goals
  •  10% of people have clear, measurable deadline-driven work goals
  •  8% of people systematically schedule priorities
  •  23% of workers understood organizational strategy and goals
  •  60% of worker’s time actually spent working on key goals

If this were applied to a football team of eleven players:

  •  Only two would know what the next play was going to be
  •  Only two would be focused on executing the next play
  •  Only one would know his specific assignment on the next play
  •  Only one would be totally committed to the next play
  •  Only two would meet their commitments on the next play

The greater the clarity of the mission, the greater the odds of success. Team members must know what is expected of them, in as granular a way as is practical, in order to meet or exceed those expectations.

Empower your teams with clear expectations and you’ll be more successful.

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