Use DISC To Build Team Trust

If you Google “importance of trust in teams” you’ll receive about 16,800,000 results. Seems everyone agrees trust is important for high-performing teams. In his book The Speed Of Trust, Stephen Covey says “trust is the one thing that changes everything. If you promote a high-trust environment where you have capable people who do what they say they are going to do, in my experience, anything is possible.”

Psychologists and effective leaders have proven over and over again that trust is gained within a team after team members demonstrate a vulnerability or openness in a safe and supportive environment (remember the classic exercise where someone falls backwards into the arms of team-members). The easiest way for a team to develop trust is to use behavioral assessments.

DISC is a quadrant behavioral model based on the work of Dr. William Marston that examines the behavior of individuals in their environment. Having team members complete a DISC assessment and sharing the results within the team produces a common vulnerability in a secure and productive way. The team benefits by not only developing greater trust but by also understanding how to leverage each team member’s behavioral strengths.

Empower your team with a DISC assessment and the team will be more successful.

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