Prepare To Lose Your ‘A’ Players

Many industries and sectors are reporting increased sales and healthier business prospects.  Similarly, hiring activity had increased and the demand for top talent is as strong as it’s been in years.  Whether you realize it or not, you are in jeopardy of losing your ‘A’ Players.

How prepared are you for your top performers to leave unexpectedly?  Most leaders are ill equipped to handle the sudden departure of their ‘A’ Players and, worse, elect not to deal with it until it happens.  The chances of it happening now are greater than ever.

Create a succession plan for your direct reports.  The plan should include:

  • cross-training functions and assigned tasks (who’s going to do what when the star leaves?);
  • key job function documentation (how does the star do their work?);
  • sourcing options to back-fill the position (how are you going to replace the star?).

Empower yourself to create a succession plan for your key direct reports and you’ll sleep better knowing you are prepared for the unthinkable.

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