Take Care Of Your ‘A’ Players Or You’ll Lose Them

After two down years, we are now seeing hiring activity as strong as it’s ever been.  Companies are getting more and more aggressive attracting ‘A’ players.  And whether you believe it or not, your ‘A’ players are probably listening.

What are you doing to keep your ‘A’ players?  An occasional pat on the back and a consistent pay check will no longer keep them around.  In fact, when asked, employees indicate that lack of recognition and feeling undervalued/unappreciated are among the top reasons for leaving their employer.

Regular and constant positive feedback are essential.  Not once in a while, not weekly, but daily.  Superstars warrant and deserve some positive affirmation each day.

Feedback must be timely, specific (not just “good job”), and relative to their behavior.  For example,  “The amount of preparation you put into that meeting was evident and the way you were able to facilitate input from all the participants to actually reach a consensual decision demonstrated great leadership skills.”

Empower yourself to praise your ‘A’ players and know you’ve made a huge step in ensuring their success and that of your organization.

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