Make Sub-Goals When Setting Annual Goals

Psychologists who specialize in goal-setting theory advocate setting sub-goals that are of moderate difficulty in pursuit of much larger goals.  Setting smaller goals helps build confidence and creates success, momentum, and motivation towards achieving the ultimate goal.

As leaders layout their annual goals, they should break them down into smaller sub-goals.  The sub-goals must be measurable and time-based.  For example, if the annual goal is to read ten business books, the first sub-goal might be “read 100 pages by the end of this month.”  If the annual goal is to hire five new sales associates, the sub-goal might be “define the ideal sales associate profile by the end of the quarter.”

Effective annual goals should be difficult and meaningful.  The best way to achieve those goals is by mapping out the smaller sub-goals, accomplishing them, and celebrating the success.

Empowered teams break down their goals into sub-goals for a successful year.

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