Sales People Are The Toughest Interviews

When it comes to hiring sales people, hiring managers will likely enjoy the interviews more than a technical interview.  That’s to be expected – they’re sales people. If they are successful in sales, they should be able to make the conversation comfortable and easy.

The hard part is being able to peel the onion back and find out what’s really underneath.  Keep in mind: no one is perfect.  The selection process must be designed to uncover the weaknesses to determine if they are deal-breakers.

The best way to do this is to be clear up front about what is needed so the sales person doesn’t talk the hiring manager into buying something they don’t really need (or hiring someone that doesn’t fit). Assessments can help managers see the potential issues the salesperson would rather not be seen.  The assessment results allow the hiring manager to explore those issues in further conversations and reference checks.

If an organization is hiring a salesperson, empowering the team with a robust selection process that includes assessments creates the best chance of success.

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