Weigh The Steps In The Selection Process

The U.S. Department of Labor stipulates that if hiring managers administer assessments to candidates, the results of the assessments cannot represent more than 33% of the decision to hire or not hire.  That means at least 67% of a hiring manager’s decision to hire or not hire must consist of other screening activities.  Hiring managers should consider the activities in their screening process and how are they weighted.

Below are the steps and percentages many hiring managers follow in their selection process:

  •  Phone screen (salary and basic skills fit) – 5%
  • Core values email (values and writing skills fit) – 10%
  •  First interview (skills, experience, culture fit) – 20%
  • Assessment results (personal skills, behaviors, culture, critical thinking fit) – 20%
  • Reference checks (screening concerns addressed) – 10%
  • Follow-up interviews (screening and reference concerns addressed) – 20%
  • Handle selection process (project management skills demonstrated) – 15%

While being in legal compliance is important, the reality is there is a strong business case to have multiple steps in a selection process.  No assessment is 100% accurate because humans are more complex than any one, two, or three assessments; however, they are a great basis from which to create exploratory conversations — with the candidate AND references.  It is equally important to see how a candidate does moving through a process and not just in each specific step in the process.

Empowered hiring managers consider many aspects when hiring and make more successful hires.

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