Determine Leadership Requirements Before Conducting 360s

As 360-degree leadership effectiveness tools become better indicators of perceived leadership behaviors, more and more companies are embarking on formal 360-degree evaluations of their leadership teams.  These insightful reports help leaders focus on developing the leadership skills observed by others as being most needed.

However, prior to conducting 360-degree evaluations and delivering results, the leadership group must identify the leadership practices that are important to the organization.  Everyone should understand the organization’s leadership focus before getting their results.  Once leaders receive their reports, their natural tendency is to dismiss the feedback in areas in which they scored poorly.  Having committed to focusing on specific leadership styles before receiving feedback forces them to be more objective and embrace development opportunities.

Empowered leaders choose the important leadership practices before receiving 360-degree feedback and have more successful development plans.

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One Comment on “Determine Leadership Requirements Before Conducting 360s”

  1. K. Edmunds Says:

    Nice post! check out my page when you get the chance, I recently made a post myself about leadership. Tell me what you think !:)

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