Create Trust With Weekly One-On-One Meetings

One-on-one meetings are all about the relationship between the leader and direct report and designed to empower success both in a direct and indirect manner.  Directly, the leader and direct report both have an opportunity to discuss progress against goals and success factors.  Indirectly, one-on-ones establish trust so when issues arise, obstacles are identified, or additional resources are needed, the venue exists for the direct report to communicate in a safe environment.

If leaders aren’t sure how to begin the meeting before getting into review of projects and on-going success factors, they should ask the direct report how they spent the weekend.  Is the week off to a good start?  Does the family have big plans for the upcoming weekend?

Over time, leaders showing they are human by discussing normal life activities will allow the direct report to open up about real issues that could impact success.

Creating trust through one-on-ones empowers the direct report to succeed by creating open communications.

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