Prioritize Job Accountabilities

Job accountabilities are the three to five major job function groupings every job should have.  Within each of the accountabilities, there are the job function details, expected percentage of time spent, and success factors.  For added clarity and to help the direct report when faced with conflicting activities, prioritize the accountabilities.

Typical sales accountabilities are prospecting, closing the sale, post sales service, and administrative activities.  What is the most important function?  Is closing the sale more important than prospecting?  Prioritizing accountabilities ensure the leader and the direct report are on the same page.

Leaders should spend time with their direct reports and help them prioritize their accountabilities.  If everything seems equal, at least come up with a #1 priority (the best way to determine the #1 accountability is to ask if the direct report has an extra 30 minutes before their week ends, in what job function should they spend their time).

Leaders who prioritize their direct report’s job functions empower them to focus on what is most important for success.

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