Start On The Succession Plan Right From The Beginning

It may seem strange to think about succession on the direct report’s first day, but there may be no better time.  This is particularly true about the part of succession that makes certain the critical aspects of the direct report’s job functions are documented sufficiently enough for someone else to be able to know HOW to do that aspect of the job.

As a matter of survival from the first day, the new hire will be carefully documenting how to perform their job duties for their own use so that steps are not missed and repetitive questions can be avoided.  After the direct report has successfully completed these functions based on their own notes, they can simply take those notes and formalize them into a succession plan for the job.

This documentation can then be used for cross-training and development purposes of co-workers who may be groomed for performing those very tasks at a later date.  The leader also communicates to the new direct report they anticipate their continued growth in the organization; preparing for someone at a later date to perform those tasks will allow for time and opportunity to learn new tasks of their own.

If the leader waits until someone is well ensconced in a role, the detail with which they document tasks may not be of sufficient detail to allow others to complete the tasks without personal observation or some trial and error.

Direct reports empowered for their own development by documenting critical tasks that may be done by others in (or outside of) the organization will be more successful.

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