Three Positive Interactions For Every One Negative

2.9013 to 1 — that’s the ratio of positive comments/experiences/expressions for every one negative exposure to make a team successful.  Psychologist Marcial Losada bases this data on an extensive mathematical model.  A 3 to 1 ratio or more is needed to create a positive atmosphere, and according to other research, a 6 to 1 ratio for teams to produce their best work.

Leaders need to ask what their positive to negative interaction ratio is for each of their direct reports.  The positive interactions can be quite simple.  A “great job” comment, a quick “thank you” email, a smile when passing by, or a “good morning” welcome all add to the positive interaction tally.

Leaders spend countless dollars on performance training and incentives but simple, genuine positive interactions will do more to increase success than any other influence.

Empowered leaders deliver at least three positive interactions for every one negative, and increase their leadership effectiveness for success.

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