When Communicating With Others, Consider Their Communication Style

Whether a leader is providing feedback to a direct report or a sales person addressing a prospect or client, think about the style and communication needs of the receiver when communicating.  People have very different needs and preferences in the way they process communication, and in their natural style of delivering it.

As an example, a gregarious extrovert wanting to spend time bonding by talking about the big game or last weeks’ current events may frustrate a strong-willed task-focused individual who just wants to get down to business.

Too often leaders get caught up in the message they want to deliver and fail to recognize the needs of the receiver. As a result, they communicate in a way they would want to have someone speak to them when so often those very attributes can turn off a listener with a different style.

Leaders should help direct reports explore their own behavior style and recognize the behavior style of others; that will allow them to experience much greater success in their interpersonal communication and relationships.

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