No Need To Share A Candidate’s Assessment Results With Them

More and more companies are using assessments during their selection process to help in finding the right candidate. As a result, candidates are becoming increasingly familiar with and interested in selection assessments. Many candidates are now asking hiring managers if they can see the results of their assessments. We strongly urge our clients not to share or even discuss assessment results with candidates until they are hired (using the assessment results during a new hire’s on-boarding helps the new hire get off to a great start).

Assessments are confidential property of the organization for which they have paid and regardless of a candidate’s insistence, hiring managers should not feel obligated to show them their reports or discuss their results. Without expert interpretation, these assessments can EASILY be misinterpreted. So, unless the hiring manager or the candidate chooses to invest in having the assessments debriefed by a behavior expert, the candidate’s impression of what the assessments indicate can create an inaccurate impression of the selection process; this often leads to inappropriate conclusions about where the candidate stands in the selection process.  Since no assessment should ever be a go/no-go decision point, the organization may find itself defending how the assessments are used within the process, not just the validity of the assessment itself.

When candidates ask for their assessment results, we recommend the following response:

“We appreciate your interest in our selection tools, but it is our hiring policy not to share assessment results with candidates. Should you wish to purchase assessments on your own, we’d be happy to introduce you to our assessment provider.”

Empowered hiring managers manage the selection process effectively and are more successful.

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