Job Accountabilities Should Include Success Factors

Leaders can accelerate direct report performance using a job accountability matrix.  For each accountability, a job accountability matrix identifies the three to five major functions for a job along with activities, priorities, time percentages, and success factors.  One of the advantages of using an accountability matrix instead of a traditional job description is the documented success factors for each accountability.

When determining success factors, ask “How will I know if the activities within the accountability are done well or at least meets (not necessarily exceeds) my expectation?”  The answer should be specific and as objective as possible.

For example, within a “Manage Team” accountability, success factors might be: 

  • no turnover of “A” players;
  • quarterly performance reviews conducted and documented for each direct report;
  • three personal development programs completed for each direct report. 

Empower direct reports to create, maintain, and manage their job accountabilities.  Review the accountabilities and success factors each quarter and watch job success soar.

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