Don’t Let Existing Performance Forms Hinder Quarterly Performance Reviews

Your organization may have adopted a formal performance review form that feels cumbersome or lengthy discouraging your willingness to conduct quarterly performance reviews.  Here’s a potential compromise. You can still use the short form we’ve been recommending in which you ask the following questions:

  • What have you done last quarter?
  • What will you accomplish next quarter?
  • What have you done to invest in your own personal development?
  • How have you demonstrated our core values?

Just use this format in the quarters for which there is not a corporate mandated form. If your organization insists on a particular form to be used annually or semi-annually, use it; it may not be worth fighting.  Simply use the shorter form on the other quarters and allow that information to populate the corporate form.

Empower your direct reports by giving them more regular check-points to assure alignment to goals and activities through quarterly reviews.

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