Own Hiring Mistakes

If you google “how to sell customers”, you’ll get about 835 million results.  Googling “how to write business plans” returns about 409 million results and “how to raise capital” about 222 million.  Oddly, searching for “how to hire employees” only yields 146 million results (“how to fire employees” returns even more at 199 million).

The fact is, leaders are not taught to hire employees as much as other business practices.  As a result, leaders should not expect to always make great hires (even if they were well trained it’s impossible to do every time).  Most hiring managers will make at least one hiring mistake sometime in their career.  That’s fine, maybe even encouraged.  What isn’t okay is not correcting the mistake.

Good leaders recognize when they make a poor hire, admit it, and correct it.  Though a good selection process and reliable assessment tools increase the odds of a successful hire, nobody expects hiring managers to be perfect.  But the team does expect leaders to fix their mis-hires.  The team will respect the leader for admitting and correcting their error.

Empower your hiring managers to correct hiring mistakes and you’ll have a more successful team.

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