Let Your Direct Reports Know You Care

It’s August, back-to-school specials are popping up at the stores, summer is winding down for school-aged children and families prepare for another transition into a new school year.  For some parents, it’s a relief to have kids return to school, for others there is a shared anxiety with children embarking on new schools, new classrooms, and new teachers.

Your one-on-ones provide a perfect venue to explore whether the family of your direct report is looking forward to the new school year or approaching it with apprehension.  Are there significant milestones forthcoming for any children  (first day of kindergarten, junior high transition, college visits for juniors, and schedule demands on seniors and parents)?

Exploring these upcoming events with employees allows you to know if a day or two off to prepare, or extra time off to deal with new demands on personal schedules might be in order.

Empowering your direct reports for success includes knowing when and how much to delegate given everything at stake.


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