Continually Challenge Your Employees

If you’ve ever embarked on an exercise program, you know after a while your body strengthens and exercises that were once difficult to perform are easy to do.  You then increase the intensity of the exercise by adding more weight or more reps until that becomes easy and then you add more again to challenge yourself.  Continually pushing our bodies is what creates the health improvements we seek.  If we stopped improving, eventually we would lose the gains we made.

The same is true with our work endeavors.  We must continually improve our work or eventually fall behind.  The “A” player who stops pushing for improvement will eventually become a “B” player and if still refuses to grow will become a “C” player and ultimately out of work.  You should insure your direct reports are continually challenged either through internal motivations or through your coaching.

Push your direct reports to improve and they will continue to be successful.


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