Encourage Your Direct Reports To Focus On Organization Success First

If your administrative assistant prepared for the perfect meeting, yet the meeting did not go well, was s/he successful?  If the operations department increased productivity by 25%, yet the company missed it’s sales goal, were they successful?  If the sales department experienced record sales, yet the organization lost money, was that success?

Most people in an organization think of their department, work team, or individual contributions as being their most important focus and measure their success by how well those work units perform. Although the accomplishments of work units are important, at the end of the day, the success of the organization is all that matters. The goals and accomplishments of the whole team must take precedent.  For that to happen leaders must clearly communicate the organization’s goals and objectives and reward everyone when the organization succeeds.

Empower your team to put the organization first and the whole team will experience more success.

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