Reinforce Core Values At Least Quarterly

Most organizations have core values or some set of guiding principles that determine the ways in which business is conducted.  Some organizations take them seriously, but other distribute core values within the organization with much pomp and circumstance and pay little attention to them thereafter.

One of the best ways to ensure core values are understood, internalized, and lived is to make them a part of the performance review process.  At least quarterly each employee in an organization should be asked to recount specific situations where they have demonstrated EVERY ONE of the organization’s core values.

One organization we worked with scored each employee on a ten point scale each quarter for each of their core values.  The score was determined by: 2 points for knowing of the core value, 2 points for being able to recite the core value verbatim, and 2 points for each of three instances where the core value was documented and demonstrated.  This organization has little problem with their employees living their core values.

Empower your direct reports to be measured by knowing and demonstrating core values and you’ll have a more successful organization.

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