Update Job Accountabilities Regularly

Hopefully, each of your Direct Reports has a job accountability matrix capturing the job’s activities, priorities, and success factors.  Maybe instead, it’s a “job description” listing the job’s requirements and expectations.  Maybe it’s a tattered sheet of paper detailing what you’d like out of the job.

Whatever you are using to scope your Direct Report’s job, be sure to review and update it regularly.  We recommend reviewing job accountabilities during each quarterly performance review session.  By reviewing the accountabilities regularly with your Direct Report, you both are reminded of what is important.

Do not assume the job’s description is static and cannot be changed.  The document is a dynamic, evolving view of the job and should be updated as the job evolves or changes.  The responsibility for owning the updates and current nature of the Accountability Matrix or Job Description lies with your direct report.

Empower your Direct Reports to manage their job accountabilities and watch both your careers succeed.

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