Let Your Selection Process Itself Be An Evaluation Tool

What if there were a way to know before you hired someone how well they respond to emails, manage timelines, and coordinate meetings?  A good selection process can do just that.

Most selection processes include email communications, assessments/tests, and reference checks.  Observing how candidates handle those steps and the space between the steps can give you great insight into the candidates’ ability to handle certain situations.

When you send emails to candidates (hopefully your are doing a core values email screen), ask the candidate to respond in a particular way (i.e. “short and to the point” or “as if you were replying to a customer”) and watch how the candidate follows those directions.  When asking candidates to take assessments or tests, ask that they be completed by a set date or ask by when they expect to complete the task; then watch to see if the candidate finishes by that date/time.  When conducting reference checks, ask the candidate to arrange the meeting times between you and their references to see how well they coordinate the meetings.

A candidate may do very well in their interviews and have all the right skills, but if they don’t follow directions, meet deadlines, and setup meetings well in the interview process, what makes you think they will do much better if you offer them a job?

Empower your hiring managers with a selection process that challenges candidates to perform business basics and you’ll experience better hires.

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