Conduct Consistent One-On-Ones Create Happier Direct Reports

In their book “Contented Cows Give Better Milk,” Richard Hadden and Bill Catlette research the impact happy employees have on organizations. They found companies with happier employees:

  • outgrew peers by 4:1 margin
  • earned more than $40 billion than peers
  • created more than 800,000 jobs than peers

One of the best ways to create happier employees is for leaders to conduct consistent one-on-one meetings with their direct reports. The frequency and duration of the one-on-ones is at the manager’s discretion, but weekly 30 minute meetings work best. Consistent one-on-ones provide direct reports an opportunity to voice needs and receive praise. The sessions also provide the opportunity to assess goals with the purpose of ensuring culture and happiness are synchronized.  Regular one-on-ones allow the leader to recognize issues and deal with them before they become time-sucking, full-blown problems.

Direct reports who have consistent, dedicated time with their supervisor are much happier with the organization and, more importantly, their supervisor (remember most superstars leave companies because of the poor relationship with their boss). All this happiness leads to increased profitability and growth.

Empower your leaders to conduct consistent one-on-ones and your organization will be more successful.

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