Set Borders And Boundaries To Avoid Inappropriate Workplace Attire?

If the fashion magazines are correct, this year is going to present many challenges for leaders.  Among the most concerning fashion movements is wearing “sheer” in the office.  Yes, see-through office wear seems to be the upcoming fad.  How are you going to deal with this?

Hopefully you’ve been conducting regular feedback sessions with your direct reports and the communication lines are in place.  This will make relating work rules and having difficult conversations much easier.  You’ll want to make sure you have established the borders and boundaries for office attire before the summer season arrives.
During an upcoming feedback session or team meeting you can simply say, “I just wanted to make sure everyone understands with the warmer months coming, we will all want to dress a little lighter.  Though we respect your choices and individuality, we still expect you to be dressed professionally.  Unreasonably short or see-through clothing is not professional.  Please consider our culture, your co-workers, and customers when choosing what you wear to work.”
Set attire borders and boundaries and empower your direct reports to make the proper choices on work wear and you’ll both be more successful.
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