No Need To Share A Candidate’s Assessment Results With Them

Hopefully you are using assessments in your selection process to help make better hires.  Unfortunately, once the hiring decision is made, the assessment results are never used again.  New hire assessment results can provide valuable insight during the on-boarding process.
Shortly after hiring a candidate, share with them their assessment report.  Most new hires are curious about their results; take this opportunity to use the results to help the new hire get a faster start in the job.  Highlight what you liked about the results and encourage the new hire to continue to use those strengths in their new role.  Also, indicate areas of concern found in the assessments and inspire the new hire to focus there in their personal development.
Additionally, make sure the new hire’s manager(s) also receives and understands the assessment results.  Assessments are a valuable leadership tool and can help managers understand where they might need to lend assistance and where they need to get out of the way.
Empower new hires and their managers with the selection assessment results and you increase the performance of your newly hired asset.
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