Have A Consistent Selection Approach In Your Organization

Cyndi Gave

Consider this:  One of your hiring managers believes they are a good read of people; knowing in their gut whether or not a candidate is right for the position/organization and their candidates breeze through the selection activities.  Another of your managers has a rugged, structured, and consistent selection process and their candidates respect the organization’s thoroughness; additionally, their peers have an increased respect for the new hires knowing what it took to get hired.  How are the two managers viewed throughout the organization?  How are you viewed throughout the organization?
Though we strongly recommend a formal selection process, it’s just as important to have all hiring managers following the same approach to hiring.  A consistent selection approach sends an important message to all candidates and new hires that your organization has structured people processes and you take your talent seriously.  Inconsistent and haphazard approaches to talent within the same organization leads to bitterness and animosities within the ranks of your team.
Develop a structured, challenging approach to selection, empower hiring managers to follow it and your organization will be more successful.
The Metiss Group

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“People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed.”
– Samuel Johnson

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