You Cannot Give Enough Feedback

When asked “what’s the one thing you most admire about your best boss?”, most people answer something about communication and feedback.  When we ask people “what’s the one thing you’d like more from your boss?”, most people answer something about more communication and feedback.

So if communication and feedback is most admirable from leaders AND most people feel they don’t get enough from their boss, what are the chances your direct reports are getting all the communication and feedback they want/need?  In the same way you want more feedback from your boss, your directs want more feedback from you.

When giving feedback keep these basics in mind

  • Feedback should on-going and delivered frequently;
  • Feedback should be delivered timely, immediately after the demonstrated behavior;
  • The feedback should describe the observed behavior not be personal or an opinion;
  • Tailor the feedback to the direct report’s personality style;
  • Keep the feedback productive, corrections should focus on future behaviors;
  • Deliver both positive and course correction feedback (positive should out-weigh corrective).

Empower your direct reports with feedback and communication and you’ll both be more successful.

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