Remember The Whole Person Comes To Work

Often leaders assume their direct reports come to work and leave all their personal issues behind.  Although some might be better at it than others, we are all incapable of completely compartmentalizing our work and life challenges.

This year, Ramadan, the Muslim observance, falls during a period when the days are really long. Muslims are prohibited from eating or drinking (anything – even water) during daylight hours. For 30 days.  If you’re supervising Muslims, be sensitive. Yes, you’re responsible for their productivity, and so are they, irrespective of their religious beliefs. And, they have a special burden (you try going all day without drinking anything, even water.)

Be aware. Remember that you’re not managing a team, even if you hope to create one. You’re managing individuals.  Do you need to send out a note? Nope. But you do need to pay attention, and adjust.


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