Empower Your Direct Reports With Positive Feedback/Reinforcement

It’s easy to forget the power of positive reinforcement, especially with direct reports who have worked with us for a long time.  We often treat new employees differently because we realize they need feedback relative to the extent to which they meet our expectations and because we are so excited to have this new employee.

It struck me the other day, as I was working with our dogs how we can re-engage or accelerate the performance of existing direct reports with an increase of positive feedback.

With a pup much praise and positive reinforcement needs to be lavished – much for the same reasons you do with a new employee.  What I didn’t expect was that as I issued an enthusiastic “Come” to the pup, and gave him much attention and praise when he obeyed, the other dogs realized they wanted a piece of the attention.  The otherwise lazy or inconsistent responses to my commands by the grown dogs were replaced with consistent and energetic desires for praise.

I’ve now replaced my apathetic responses to the grown dogs good behavior with more enthusiastic praise and have found their level of energy, promptness, and willingness has increased consistently.  Additionally, all three are feeding off the others’ responses and praise.

Empower your direct reports to accelerate performance by recognizing good performance with sincere positive feedback.

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