Job Definitions Should Be A Group Undertaking

As a leader you are constantly struggling to find time for the important but not urgent activities.  One of those activities is creating and updating the job descriptions/accountabilities for each of your direct reports.  Though HR or your direct reports may help, you need to take the lead for managing this critical leadership tool.

When creating or updating the job description/accountabilities (they should be updating it at least annually), it is important to get input from the key people interacting with the job.  These “stakeholders” might include the job’s incumbent, direct reports, peers, your peers, customers, or your boss.

Engaging all these stakeholders in defining the job creates “buy-in” and makes it much easier for your direct report to do the job.  Because everyone understands the challenges and expectations of the job, support is offered that would not necessary have been provide without an appreciation for the job’s complexity.

Empower your direct reports by having the key people they interact with help define their job, and your team will experience much success.

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One Comment on “Job Definitions Should Be A Group Undertaking”

  1. Lucas Says:

    Hi great readingg your blog

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