Leverage The Problem Solving Strengths Of Your Team Members

All problems are different and, therefore, all problems are not solved in the same manner.  The approach to solving the problem varies based on the type of problem.  Complex problems require a calculating, diligent approach.  While, urgent problems require quick, determined, and decisive approach.

Understanding the personal styles of your team members can make your problem solving challenges more effective.  If you have a complex problem requiring careful considerations involving multiple inputs, the less dominating team members are better suited for working on those problems.  These reflective, conservative types are best at breaking down the components of the complicated problem and working with others in a methodical, deliberate manner to get things done.

If you have a burning, critical problem requiring immediate action or attention, the more assertive, challenge-oriented team members are better suited for working on those problems.  These bold, take-charge types are best at acting quickly and driving through issues, vigorously getting things done.

Using an assessment tool can help leaders better understand their team member’s problem solving approaches allowing them to assign resources as the situation dictates.  Empower your team to leverage their problem solving approaches based on the type of problem, and you’ll experience more success.

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