Do A Group Accountability Session When Defining A Key Job

Do any of your direct reports feel their efforts are not appreciated by their co-workers?  Do they come to you complaining their co-workers expect them to do functions that are not their responsibility?  Have a key job you need everyone to understand?

Gather a group of stakeholders who interact with a particular job to help define the job’s accountabilities.  Think about how robust the job will be with many views on what should be accomplished.  Think about the cooperation others will have for a job if they helped build it.  Think about how appreciative your direct report will be if others understood specifically what was expected of them.

This powerful exercise builds incredible buy-in from the job’s stakeholders and welcomed clarity for the job’s incumbent.  You have peace of mind knowing a key job’s accountabilities are understood by many and your direct report’s responsibilities are “public.”  The individual in the position will feel better when needing to decline participation on a requested activity if a greater priority takes precedence, knowing that there is a better understand by others.

Use group accountability sessions to empower the direct reports in your key jobs and you’ll insure success.

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