Tip: Tie Selection to Performance

After you invested in developing Job Accountabilities and a Job Profile at the beginning of your selection process, you’ve noted the ease with which the decision of who to hire, and not to hire, has been.  Too often, we notice some leaders failing to get the real “bang for their buck” because that appears to be the end of the point at which the Job Accountabilities and Job Profile are used.

During your one-on-ones and quarterly performance reviews, be certain to go over the accountabilities and success factors by asking whether or not your direct report is on track or off track.  If off-track, ask the employee if they need additional resources or obstacles removed to get themselves back on track.  Also ask by what date should you expect to see them on track.

Additionally, the Job Profile can provide a path to reinforcing the right means by which to achieve those results.  So ask about the behaviors, motivators, and skills you defined as critical to the job at least as part of your quarterly reviews.  As an example:  please describe for me a time you demonstrated Goal Achievement or Personal Accountability in the last quarter.  The other option is to use the behavior based interview questions used with candidates to probe the right characteristics with employees.

Remember if the Job Accountabilities define WHAT we want done in a job, and the Job Profile defines HOW we want the job performed, a real superstar will accomplish both.  Use what you already have in place to drive the performance excellence you seek.

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