Selection Processes Reduce Chances Of Poor Hires

Select (verb) – To choose in preference to another or others; pick out (Random House Dictionary).
Process (noun) – A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result (Random House Dictionary).

Does your selection process consist of a series of actions to bring about an ideal choice of candidates?  Many leaders rely on intuition, gut instinct, or some haphazard interview approach when choosing among candidates.  We recommend hiring managers use a defined, repeatable process for selecting talent.

Your selection process should include three phases:

  • job and ideal candidate definition;
  • screening;
  • evaluation.

Define the job and ideal candidate in the definition phase clarifying what is expected of the job and what the ideal candidate will look like.  The screening phase should include consistent behavior-based questioning and assessments that tie back to the job and candidate definitions.  The evaluation phase should analyze gaps and discrepancies between observed candidate behavior and job and candidate requirements.

Define the steps in your selection process, stick to them, and you will empower those in the selection process for success.

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