Take Advantage Of New Year’s Resolutions

Years ago, the first Sunday following New Year’s Day was the best day of the year to advertise in the newspaper for talent because even passive candidates looked in the paper.  All those people who made their new Year’s Resolutions about improving their lot in life, getting a job where they are truly appreciated, finding a more rewarding career looked in that first Sunday paper for job leads, even if they didn’t have their resume updated yet.

Well, those New Year’s Resolutions are still being made, but these folks probably are not looking in the paper.

Where do they look?  They look on LinkedIn, on-line posting boards like Craig’s List, industry specific job boards, or to their personal/professional network.

If you expect to be hiring in the first quarter, getting the word out through your network and industry groups right after New Year’s Day is very productive.  It can be something as simple as “During the first quarter, we expect to be hiring a new Sales Professional who is great at generating new leads in our industry.  I’m reaching out to you because you know me and I know you care about our success.  If you know of someone who might want to begin discussions about this opportunity, please have them contact me directly.”

Acquire “A” Players by taking advantage of passive candidates searching for new opportunities in the New Year.

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